The Camplighter Awards launched in 2014 to highlight the best of the summer camp industry, honoring the creative visionaries who best capture the tradition, the innovation and the expertise of camps worldwide.

Camplighter was the result of a unique collaboration among three camp industry professionals who sought to highlight remarkable creative work by camps and to raise the marketing bar for all camps.

Camplighter Creators

Michael Thompson is the founder and president of Lantern Camps, a curated directory of long-term residential camps in the US. Previously, Michael was the director of Camp Chippewa for Boys and has worked in a variety of capacities in camping for more than 25 years. He has spoken internationally on a range of camp marketing, staff management, child development and not-for-profit management topics.

Travis Allison has become one of the top “go to” international experts and consultants in the summer camp and recreation industries. He is one of the most popular camp speakers at coast to coast conferences in the US and Canada. He is one of the co-founders of GoCamp.Pro, produces and manages the highly popular CampHacker.TV podcasts and founded the Summer Camp Professionals group on Facebook. His particular expertise is in innovative strategies to use social media and other online marketing tools for camper recruitment and retention.

Matt Ralph is the editor of Summer Camp Culture, a website that tracks the frequent interactions of summer camp and pop culture and has been a long-time volunteer at Delanco Camp in southern New Jersey, which he attended in middle school and high school.